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our story

Established in 1983, Ye Old Bakery has been right in the heart of the epochal Lutyens Delhi, delivering excellence in taste and aesthetics with respect to its diverse offerings for its patrons. We use authentic and high-quality ingredients to curate delectable desserts and provide high-end culinary offerings for our guests. With its iconic dessert The Corn Pudding and The Bitter chocolate cake Ye old bakery has always been a part of all extravagant family affairs.

“If there is no Corn Pudding in Heaven, I am not going”

The Art Of Baking

Under the exceptional culinary craftsmanship of our team of bakers, we present our signature dishes to delight your day.



Our Magical Journey Through The Decades
  1. Establishment of Ye Old Bakery

    During the 1982 Asian Games in India, the talented culinary team of The Claridges, New Delhi offered diverse range of desserts and delicious dishes to the guests which was extremely well received thus, leading to the official establishment of Ye Old Bakery that would continuously offer the elegant and high-quality desserts to the patrons.

  2. Curation of Corn Pudding

    The Claridges, New Delhi is one of the first 5 star hotels post the Independence of India and some of the British officers who stayed at the hotel before leaving India insisted on having a particular British Army Mess delicacy- made of vanilla sponge covered with custard sauce and fruits.
    Our exceptional Head Baker curated this dessert on their request but adding his own magic and mind to the recipe. This led to the birth of the renowned ‘Corn Pudding Cake’ which is loved by everyone today.

  3. Making Memories with Ye old Bakery

    Ye Old Bakery gradually gained prominence and popularity with its signature delicacies delivering excellence in taste and aesthetics.
    With its iconic dessert The Corn Pudding and The Bitter Chocolate Cake, Ye old bakery became a part of all extravagant family affairs.

  4. Return of our Head Baker

    Chef Mahendra Singh, reputed Head Baker of Ye Old Bakery after years of spreading love and joy with his iconic Corn Pudding cake took retirement. One day, our CEO- Mr. Vikram Singh visited Ye Old Bakery and tasted the legendary Corn Pudding lacked the magic of our Head Baker. Upon our sincere requests of his return, Chef Mahendra was happy to join back The Claridges Family and spread happiness with his magical and legendary Corn Pudding cake.

  5. Exclusive Gifting and Delivery Service To All

    Ye Old Bakery is one of the oldest and most loved bakeries in town is now coming to the comfort of your homes through our exceptional delivery service. We provide our services with utmost care, considering strict health standards and precautions. We also offer premium gift packaging of our unmatched desserts which can be part of your or your family’s special occasions.