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Head Baker

Ye Old Bakery is renowned for its iconic desserts The Corn Pudding and The Bitter chocolate cake which has always been a part of all extravagant family affairs. Under the exceptional culinary craftsmanship of one of its oldest and most diligent chef Mahendra Singh who has been piping out those corn kernels on the corn pudding for last 38 years. Achieving perfection in curating the most complex desserts, it is extremely fascinating how he creates from a simple blend of bread, sugar syrup, fresh cream and vanilla flavored custard and transform it into something as pleasing as the magical Corn Pudding. Chef Mahendra Singh has left no stone unturned in making this beauty and his efforts have reflected clearly as the demand has increased to nearly about 40 KG corn pudding in a day and every delicious pudding leaving our bakery brings immense pride and joy in our heart. His pure passion, exceptional culinary skills and enthusiasm still makes him continue his culinary journey even after his retirement.

Executive Chef

Chef Vivek is the Executive Chef, The Claridges, New Delhi and brings with him immense experience of around 20 years. He has a proven record of absorbing new concepts, consistently working on the research and development of new and existing products and designing & testing recipes. After finding success and getting a deep understanding of food through his diverse experiences in the industry, Chef Vivek strongly supports and motivates his colleagues and the entire team to achieve the highest standards of perfection and elegance while curating the dishes. His innovative ideas along with unrelenting focus on quality helps him strive towards maintaining Ye Old Bakery a pioneer in its own right. Chef Vivek’s signature delicacies that are a favorite among all are the scrumptious crepes and waffles. He has unmatched passion to create delicious dishes and provide high-quality service to the guests.